The Beginnings of a New Era in Philippine eHealth

SMART Communications, Inc. launched Project SHINE (Secured Health Information Network and Exchange) in 2011 to address the need of the country to have an integrated health management exchange system that will connect individuals, communities, and private and public health service providers. In February 2013, SMART Communications, Inc. signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) and Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC) with the aim of improving on the existing SHINE architecture based on the national eHealth Framework. In 2018, MEDIXSERVE (, a blockchain powered healthcare company acquired SHINE from SMART and ADMU in order to broaden its reach.

SHINE OS+ Lets You Do More

The original intention of SHINE remains the same following the 4 R’s: to record, to report, to remind and to refer. In addition, new features include: (1) making SHINE an open source project such that the developer community can have access to the base code and provide improvements whenever necessary, (2) making SHINE open to all devices and setups including web based service, client based system, intranet based system and mobile based system, and (3) making SHINE open to all types of users including private and public health care professionals as well as patients.

The new SHINE is now called SHINE OS+ to emphasize that it is open source. SHINE OS+ will also have different flavors and will run on different platforms to address the various needs in the community. SHINE OS+ is envisioned to be a health operating system to support the needs of different kinds of users and developers, offering a gateway to the country’s health care information highway.