ShineOS+ Lets You Do More

ShineOS+ offers new features include: (1) making SHINE an open source project such that the developer community can have access to the base code and provide improvements whenever necessary, (2) making SHINE open to all devices and setups including web based service, client based system, intranet based system and mobile based system, and (3) making SHINE open to all types of users including private and public health care professionals as well as patients.


Developer Program

Create with ShineOS+. If you are interested in developing for the healthcare industry, read on. We developed ShineOS+ as an opensource application under the GPL/LPL license, to encourage a community of developers and health industry experts to come together and build an ecosystem of healthcare technologies.


Partner Program

Connect with ShineOS+. If you are interested in connecting, sharing or collaborating with ShineOS+, we welcome you as part of our Partner Program. We are opening our doors to 3rd party developers to connect with ShineOS+.


Shine University

Learn with ShineOS+. We understand the need to expand knowledge and understanding of healthcare, so we are building an online learning platform for healthcare and health informatics. We will be creating and developing learning courses and modules with health experts to provide a health education platform to both patient and practitioners alike.