Personal. Secure. Accessible.

Your personal healthcare system. Access your health records, medical histories, insurance and other medical related information. And yes, PhilHealth too.


All your health records in one place. You can view it anywhere. Bring it to any ShineOS powered clinic. Check your insurance benefits. Pay your PhilHealth contributions. Anything health, you have it in your hands.


Your health data is secure and protected. You decide where to bring it. You decide how to use. You give consent which is shared and which are private. You and your health are yours.


MyShine is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. MyShine can be on your desktop, your tablet or your phone. When you need it, where you want it and how you have it.


Personal Empowerment

With MyShine, you are empowered to decide how
your healthcare benefits and services
are provided to you.

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